Your Inspector

      Betty Calder was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia and spent her formative years in Cumberland and Colchester County. She  began her love of buildings with a diploma in Architectural Drafting in 1980, from what is now known as Truro Community College. 

      Over  the past three decades moving from Truro, to Yarmouth, to Lower Sackville,  to Ottawa and finally to Enfield, Betty worked as a freelance draft person while raising her family, renovating two homes and working in the family  business.  During that time, Betty was also a founding director of the Sackville River's Association and a member of Praise, a Christian  singing group. Serving God through Prison Ministry in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, for 15 years.

 Betty was widowed in 2008. Now, with a combined family of five grown children, seven grandchildren and a new husband, retired from the military, this empty-nester is once again focusing on her love of buildings and their hidden beauty and potential.  Betty's main goal is to serve her Corridor neighbors and community by helping  homeowners make informed choices. 

      Betty is a graduate of the Nationally Recognized Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Program.


                       “The very structures, the corridors, the rooms and offices, 

                                         are eloquent testimony to our past.”

                         John Allen Fraser Former Speaker of the House of Commons, 

                                        - speaking on our Parliament Buildings



                       “No matter how humble, every building has a story to tell.” 

                                                                    Betty Calder