The Inspection


      The inspection will take approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Please feel free to accompany me as we look at the home. If you choose to  attend and cannot be on time please call me a minimum of (1) one hour  before.  If you wish to cancel or reschedule and do not call (if already paid) I will continue with the inspection. Sorry no refund. (See Prices). 

                           If you join me please wear comfortable clothing and footwear,          

                                                      we may get a little dusty!

        We will meet at an agreed upon time in the driveway of your perspective  home(or current home, as I also perform pre-listing inspections). It is  important we are all on time. You will be asked to sign an agreement,  discussing limitations and exclusions of your inspection. Payment may be  due at this time by check. (Or previously by E-transfer). 


      We start on the outside looking carefully at the roof, chimneys,  siding, electrical entrance, foundation, doors and windows and other systems  pertaining to the outside of the home. We will look at such things as  the over all property and the grading of the land around the home and  what forms of regular maintenance the home will need. Items such as  wells and septic, docks or pools are not usually included during the  inspection as these are specialized services. We will look at any  detached buildings (sheds / garages) that you have designated before  hand, that you would like to have included in the main inspection.  Usually any building with electricity or plumbing or that is heated. (See Prices).  


      I usually do not walk on the roof, as insurance  companies frown on that! You also will not be allowed on the roof during the  inspection. Our being up there, may damage the roof and/or injure us if  we fall. I will view the roof and any penetrations through the roof,  from the ground and my ladder at the eaves, with my binoculars. 


      Once  we have covered everything outside we will don our booties to protect  the floors and move inside to the attic, basement or crawl space. I will be looking at the heating system, hot water tank, laundry facilities, electrical panels, any entrance to an attached garage or structure and  any other installed equipment that affects the health and safety of the  home. 


                                             If you are not the home owner yet, 

                            I will insist you refrain from touching any of the homes

                                                 installed service equipment. 

                  An unguarded moment of touching a live electrical panel can kill you. 

                              It is my job not only to discern the safety of the home 

                                           but to keep you safe while doing so. 

      On the Main and other levels I will continue to observe ceilings, floors and walls, closets, water and drainage systems, doors and  windows, washrooms and most installed appliances. I will check a representative  number of outlets in each room. I will also check under sinks and  around toilets and bath tubs looking for leaks and other issues. I will look at any  fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, for safety clearances, venting and any other issues as well as discuss future maintenance with you. 


      In the attic I will inspect the insulation, ventilation, and look for signs of leakage or other areas of concern around any penetrations in  the roof, such as vent pipes, exhaust pipes and chimneys. Because of the issue of possibly damaging ceilings below, or stepping on live wires  hidden under insulation! I will not walk in attics that do not have appropriate floors and can not allow you to do so either(those insurance  people again). 


      When the inspection is complete we  will go over our findings and I can answer any questions you may have. I will write the report and email a copy to you and anyone you have  designated. (Usually within two hours but depending on the time of the inspection up to 12 hours or by 9 AM the next morning) The report hopefully will help to provide you with a list of future repairs or recommended maintenance or any major issues that may greatly effect your home buying budget.


                                          The report is yours and therefore 

                        will not be shared with others without your authorization. 

                          Though  inspections are not mandatory, your mortgage,

                          insurance provider or others may request one conducted.

                                Inspections are recommended to identify defects 

                               and help prevent unexpected surprises so you can  

                                 realistically budget for possible  repairs  needed. 

       All home inspectors have their own protocol for thoroughly inspecting homes.  At present the home inspection industry in Nova Scotia is not licensed. This has created inconsistent standards and levels of service within the industry. I am a graduate of the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Program, (see them in: Useful Links) we have a Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics which I follow. 


                                             As a professional in this industry,

                                 my main goal is to discover the truth of the home.

                                           I can only report on what I can see!

                  Is the home safe? Does everything work? Does it need major repairs?

      There are no guarantees with an inspection or with what tomorrow or the next  hurricane will bring. Every home no matter how new, has its issues and requires a vigilant maintenance routine. Hopefully, this inspection will  give you a better understanding of the building and how it works, so your worries will be minimized when purchasing your future home. 

                      If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me at:                      

                                                                 Betty Calder 

                                                      Corridor Home Inspections